Japanese Sewing Needles - $8.00/pack of 10

Japanese Sewing Needles - $8.00/pack of 10

  • Steel needles in three sizes:

    • #7 Long: fine shaft, 1-1/2"

    • #9 Long: very fine shaft, 1-3/8"

    • #9 Short: very fine shaft, 1-1/8"

These hand-sewing needles are made of beautifully honed steel. They have very sharp points, never have burs, and are very fine, so as not to leave any holes in your fabric. Because the eyes are very small, it is helpful to freshly cut your thread on an angle in order to pass it through the eye. Most people prefer the #7 or #9 long needles as they are easier to handle (the #7 needle is slightly larger in diameter than the #9 needle). Some people find the #9 short needle hard to hold onto, yet it can be excellent for beading or stitching in a very small area.

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