Privacy Policy


We value the privacy of your personal information at Sarah Veblen Clothing Originals, A Maryland Limited Liability Company. Our site maintains a secure connection via an SSL certificate, issued through Squarespace. SSL provides three important security benefits:

  • Privacy: Encrypts the connection between the browser and web server and securely transmits information (like information submitted through a website form) to prevent unauthorized parties from eavesdropping.

  • Data integrity: Prevents unauthorized parties from altering data during transmission (like during a form submission).

  • Authentication: Protects against impersonation by requiring web server proof of identity.

Online Orders:

All information for orders placed online is processed through Squarespace, via Stripe or Paypal. Squarespace transmits but does not collect or store your payment information. Sarah Veblen Clothing Originals, LLC never shares any of your personal information with any third parties besides our eCommerce Payment Processors, and in that case only per your authorization as is necessary to complete a payment. Any information you enter during your checkout process will be sent to one of our third party eCommerce Payment Processors - Stripe and Paypal - in accordance with these eCommerce Payment Processors’ terms and policies. By completing an online order you are agreeing to Squarespace securely transmitting your information to the eCommerce Payment Processor of your choice, as well as to Stripe’s privacy policy (if paying with a credit or debit card) or Paypal's privacy policy (if paying with your Paypal account).


In order to receive Sarah Veblen Clothing Originals, LLC email newsletter you must provide us with your name and email address. All information for the newsletter subscription is processed through Squarespace Email Campaigns. By signing up for the newsletter, you are agreeing to the secure storage of your name and email address in our Squarespace Email Campaigns database. This does not give Squarespace permission to email you, only Sarah Veblen Clothing Originals, LLC. We take your privacy seriously, which is why Sarah Veblen Clothing Originals, LLC never shares your name or email address with any third parties.

Cookies Policy:

Our site uses and stores Functional and Required Cookies and Analytics and Performance Cookies on your web browser in order to optimize your viewing experience. By using our site you are agreeing to this. To see a list of what the cookies are used for, see this page. In your browser’s settings, you can see which cookies are active and you can clear cookies from your browser or device, either globally or from a specific website.