Oh-so Comfortable!

I’ve been sewing for myself a lot this spring, which has been both fun and energizing.  One of the things I love when I’m in a phase like this is that the more I sew, the more I want to be sewing. Certainly it is nice to have new clothes, but it’s like a faucet has been turned on and the ideas just keep coming.  I want to share with you how my process has been unfolding with one of my skirt projects. Here’s how it turned out:


This particular project started because I wanted to make two different skirts to wear with a French-style jacket that I’ve been working on – a straight skirt out of self-fabric, and a fuller style skirt. So I pulled out an old pattern, Butterick 3589.

Butterick 3589

When I made it years ago, I’d altered the pattern so that it had an extended or Hollywood waist.

skirt pattern pieces

Definitely time to make a clean copy of the pattern!

When it comes to comfort, almost all of us have pet peeves, and mine is having something tight around my waist.  With an extended waist, I find that the skirt just floats over the waist.  Plus, there’s quite a bit of leeway in the fit with the fluctuation of my stomach being rounder and softer one day compared to another.

Before cutting into the silk satin-faced georgette to go with the French-style jacket, I made a wearable mock-up from an embroidered silk doupioni fabric. The fabric had been pre-washed – perfect for Baltimore’s hot and humid summer weather since the skirt can be laundered, and the pre-washing made the doupioni softened quite a bit.



I feel a sense of freedom when I make a wearable mock-up because I don’t feel like so much is at stake if it doesn’t turn out perfectly.  This one is a winner, and I’ve already worn it several times.  The waist is oh-so comfortable, and I’m glad I thought to make the waist facing from cotton batiste so there’s no embroidery against my skin.  I find that it’s small details like that that really help me to feel at ease.

skirt facing

When I wear the skirt, I feel both “breezy” and “put together.”  The washed doupioni is perfect: there’s enough structure so that the fullness of the skirt doesn’t collapse altogether, yet the skirt isn’t too stiff.

wearing skirt 2

I wouldn’t want the skirt any shorter, so I lengthened the pattern, shown above.

This skirt pattern is definitely a keeper.  In addition to a companion for my French-style jacket, I already have plans to make the skirt from a linen print.

linen and georgette

Linen print and silk satin-faced georgette.