Sarah VeblenHi, I’m Sarah Veblen.

Over the 30-plus years that I’ve been making custom clothing and teaching sewing and design, I’ve discovered some common threads about people. The first is that when people feel good in what they are wearing, they approach life with a more positive and creative attitude. I’ve also learned that when people engage with a creative process, such as sewing, it naturally leads them to feel better about themselves by fostering greater skill knowledge as well as self knowledge.

 Helping people – especially women, who I work with most often – open the door to feeling good about themselves through a creative medium is a driving force behind all of my teaching.

 In this blog, I share whatever thoughts and reflections are currently on my mind about creativity and the creative process, seen through the lenses of my sewing and teaching. We all learn from each other, so please join the conversation.

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    • Hi Joyce – so nice to hear from you! I hope you enjoy my blog. I’m going to have fun writing about things that interest me. And hopefully my love of sewing and being creative will spur on others.

  1. Thanks, Coral — I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas, and especially to get conversations about creativity going!

  2. Hi Sarah. It is so nice that you have started a blog. I have been blogging for years but have not been keeping it up as much as I would like, but That is an area I want to improve. I look forward to checking in on your posts.

  3. Love the idea of this blog. I am inspired to dig out several skirt projects that came to a halt and try them again. Just as soon as I finish my Eureka! pants. 🙂

    • Marcia — I’m so glad my blog has sparked your desire to pull out some older skirt projects. Have fun with them! And how nice to hear you’re working on Eureka! pants, too.

  4. Thank you for being so generous sharing your amazing ideas and your enthusiasm. Your blog spreads wonderful karma!

    • Liz C — I hope my blog will help others to delve into their creativity. It’s such a wonderful thing to explore. And I know you do on a regular basis. I always look forward to seeing what you’ve been sewing!

    • Brenda — I’m so glad that my presentations at the Indianapolis ASG Annual Meeting were helpful to you! I look forward to sharing so much with my fellow sewers.

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